Arany Oroszlán Pension
Ebes is a "quiet island" in the eastern part of the Alföld. The village is really easy to approach, since one side is bordered by the main road No. 4, the other side is bordered by the main line between Budapest and Záhony. It is approachable by coach, train or car.
Ebes is the garden suburb of Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló, since it is only minutes away from the two cities.
Clean, landscaped, flowered, well-ordered rural environment, calmness and safety welcome the guests who visit here. Local people are nice, familiar and hospitable.
The 7-roomed pension is located in the main square of the village, in a pleasant park. In the pension each room is equipped with a private bathroom, minibar, colour TV, air-conditioning, besides, an own car-park and familiar atmosphere provide the convenience of the guests. In the neighbourhood of the pension there is a catholic and a reformed church. Both of them are architectural masterpieces, and can be admired from the balconies of the rooms.
The Görbe-Balogh Mansion is one of the dominant buildings of the village, which is currently gives place to a nursing home. There is a playground with modern equipment among the giant trees of the park behind the mansion.
In the local museum there are permanent and temporary exhibitions to the memory of the families deported in the 50's.
Also, the building of the railway station is among the values of the village, which kept its authenticity after the renovation.

Peter Benei the pipemaker folk industrial artist lives and creates in our village and his unique pipes can be seen at exhibitions or at his home.
Some great trip plans:

Hortobágy: Visitors can see the renovated Nine-Hole Bridge, and also the newly built Visitor Centre, where many folk artists work, who introduce a lot of folk crafts. Tourists can also come to know the floral and animal features of Hortobagy like Hungarian Grey Cattle.

Hajdúszoboszló: This city is famous for its thermal bath, which is also one of the biggest bath complex in Europe.

Nádudvar: Nadudvar is the home of the black pottery, where the members of the Fazekas family still work in their workshops, and their permanent exhibition can be also visited there.

Debrecen: Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary where visitors can see the Reformad Great Church, Reformed College, Déri Museum, and also the Csokonai Theatre. On the brink of the Great Forest you can find the Campus, a covered water theme park, a zoo, and a punter lake. It is worth visiting the specific buildings of the city. Besides, several cultural events are organized all year.

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